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Godmother TIP 2024
Halba Diouf

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“Inclusion in sport should not be about courage and goodwill”

A transgender woman, Halba Diouf was deprived of the National Championships by the French Athletics Federation, which removed her from the entry list. But the young 21-year-old sprinter intends to fight to continue appearing in competition.

     I'm proud to have been chosen to be the godmother for the 2024 edition of the International tournament of Paris (TIP). This very special position is an opportunity for me to put my commitments into practice. 

I began my career in sociology and geopolitics before specializing in European politics (at Sciences Politique d'Aix-en-Provence). Alongside my studies, I work in the field of personal and spiritual guidance, giving talks to raise awareness of mental health issues to a variety of audiences (companies, associations, town halls, foundations, etc.). Lastly, I'm a top-level athlete, but also a transgender woman, and I'm committed to fight for respect for the rights of transgender people, specially in sport.

It is with this in mind that I have accepted this title, as I am convinced that TIP has a role to play in the convergence of struggles for health and equal rights across Europe.

Throughout history, women have faced many barriers to be able to play sport freely.

All too often, female athletes have been exposed to intrusive gender verification processes, medical inspections of external genitalia, or chromosomal tests that have produced numerous false positives and have had serious impacts on their career.

Many sports organizations circulate damaging and violent myths about trans women; evoking a supposed submergence of women's sport or a simple disguise on the part of cis men. These fallacious arguments, in addition to being deeply transphobic, threaten the safety of trans women in sport and beyond. These lies reflect a dangerous misunderstanding of identities, experiences and the reality that transgender women are under-represented in sport, particularly at the elite level.

In November 2022, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) published a Legal Framework on equity, inclusion and non-discrimination on the basis of gender identity and intersex. This text lays the foundations for top-level sporting events to develop their own regulations, in line with the principles enshrined in the Olympic Charter and respect for human rights.

Everyone must be able to do sport without discrimination, in a way that respects their health and dignity, within the framework of admission criteria that guarantee fairness in sporting competitions, especially for women. But today, all transgender athletes, including myself, are denied taking part in competitions. We are constantly oppressed and discriminated against because of our identity.

The battle I'm waging isn't just about transgender women, it's about humanity as a whole. Excluding trans women harms ALL women. A woman too fast, too tall, too masculine, too strong... cis women have already been accused of being trans, and these accusations disproportionately affect women. Trans women are not a threat: we're not a threat!

On the other hand, many of the obstacles that really threaten equity in the female category should be able to be addressed: unequal pay, endemic sexual and gender-based violence, bullying, moral and physical harassment, lack of diversity and representation and diversity, and so on. So many problems for which trans women are not responsible.

As long as we close our eyes to the pain of the oppressed, of rejection, exclusion and banishment, we'll never be able to move forward, and in particular to escape its origins. The only safeguard trans women can enjoy is the right to live free, free to exist, free to practice sport and run in the category that is theirs (and this is denied them). The promise of equal rights has never been fulfilled, and in my view, this is a problem not of fairness, but of system failure!

I hope with all my heart that society will move in this direction, and this is the strength of my fight. Let's not add to the suffering of being born in the wrong body, the exclusion and total contempt of society. So that equality for all does not remain a promise, that everyone is accepted for what he or she is.

I'm deeply grateful to be part of this wonderful adventure, and I hope we'll have three unforgettable days. I'm looking forward to sharing my experience with you and learning about yours. I look forward to meeting you all!


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