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Institutional supports


Interministerial Delegation for the Fight Against Racism, Anti-Semitism and Anti-LGBT Hatred

lnter-ministerial Delegation fighting against racism, anti-Semitism and hatred
of the LGBT+ people is supporting theTIP2022 in his actions against all discriminations in sports. The delegation is placed since novembre 2014 under the Prime Minister’s authority. lts mission is to impulse the public action in terms of struggling against racism, anti Semitism and hatred of the LGBT+ people.


National Sports Agency

The National Sports Agency support on a daily basis in order to develop the practice of sports for all audiences and promote the influence of French sport.


City of Paris

Since 2006, the City of Paris has supported the TIP. It provides its sports facilities. It warmly welcomes all TIP athletes from around the world in its honor rooms under the sign of tolerance and friendliness.


Regional Olympic Sports Committee Île-de-France

The CROSIF preserves and develops the Olympic spirit. In addition, it is involved alongside the TIP by defending the values of the Republic and the secularism that represent us: the development of ainclusive sports practice for all ages and those with dis abilities.

Become a partner?

You share our values and you want to defend equality in sport, please keep in touch.

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