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Discover how to make the most of your Parisian nights

The Paris International Tournament welcomes athletes from all over France, Europe and beyond.


Because of budget restraints or simply to meet new people, you may want to be hosted by local participants close to your sport location(s) or to the TIP events.


Each year, it is an opportunity to create delightful memories and a unique way to discover Paris while creating friendships with the other athletes. 


The accommodation is free from Friday to Monday. The TIP puts those who would like to be hosted in contact with people offering a hosting solution via a new platform for an efficient pairing. You'll be able to post an accommodation offer or go through the list of available housing solutions from your registration page.


We are counting on you to continue this tradition and allow more athletes to come and take part in the Paris International Tournament

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🔍 I am looking for an accommodation

Do you live abroad or far from Paris region? A volunteer can accommodate you for the duration of the tournament.

To do so, simply chose "I would like to stay with a local TIP participant" from the accommodation section when registering.


You will get a link to all available accommodation offers so you can browse the perfect match. Simply contact the person who published the hosting solution to validate availability and confirm your venue details.


If you don't find an accomadation right away, don't worry! As more athletes register, more offers will become available. Keep looking at the offer page from your registration page.

If you have already registered or if you changed your mind, you can make the changes directly on the registration page later on.

🏠 I can accommodate

Do you live in Paris or close to public transport for easy access to sports facilities? You can host one or more people in your home and help an athlete visiting Paris by offering a place to stay during the tournament!


To do so, simply complete the dedicated hosting section when registering and select "I can host TIP participant(s)". Then complete the details about your your accommodation and it will appear on a page listing all the offers.


A link to a page with all the accommodation offers will be sent to people who wish to be hosted and they will be invited to contact you to validate availability and affinity.

If you place is attributed or if you changed your mind, you can make the changes directly on the registration page later on.


To ensure that everything goes well for the host as well as for the traveling athlete, we will ask everyone to respect the following commitments:

  • When contacting a host, please be courteous and benevolent,

  • Respect the rules of hospitality,

  • Respect the rules and constraints of life,

  • Respect the furnitures,

  • The hosts shouldn’t provide meals (lunch, dinner) but they should provide basic breakfast items (beverages, fruits) and help by providing nearby restaurant locations,

  • No remuneration may be requested

Accommodation must be provided during the tournament period. If requested the host may accommodate the traveling athlete longer to his/her own discretion.

 Partner Accomodation 

🏠 ACCOR Group

You prefer the comfort of a hotel, our partner ACCOR offers preferential rates for TIP participants.


Other accommodation solutions

You do not want to participate in the accommodation program or you want to extend your stay in Paris and want to know where to sleep? 


We can help you choose the neighborhood and the offer that best meets your expectations and your budget.


Simply contact the accommodation team at, we will be happy to guide you through one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

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