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Detailed program

Saturday, May 18th

8 a.m. to 6 p.m.: Common day with boxing and wrestling


  • Breakfast

  • Rocky games:  Sports and fun team events; get to know each other while having fun!

  • Lunch : Buffet

  • Competitions: boxing, judo, karate or Workshops: aikido, karate, wrestling, others…

PAF! :Apéro pole combat 

Detailed program

Sunday, May 19th

8 a.m. to 4 p.m.:


  • Breakfast

  • Thematic multi-sport workshops:

    • self defense in judo, karate, aikido

    • the movement in space seen by each sport

    • or competition/course 

    • Sumo initiation

  • Lunch :  Light buffet

  • Stretching, relaxation workshop

This program is to be specified and is likely to change slightly.


Participant: 28€
Volunteers* with meal**: 20€

For the volunteers who do not wish to include the meals, please contact one of the associations; no need to register on the site.

*The designated persons who will help on site (e.g. logistics, technical, etc.) are considered volunteers.


** 2 meals included: Saturday lunch and Sunday lunch 


There will be no competition. However, during the combat phase of our workshops, the following rules will be in effect (in accordance with FFLDA recommendations). 


  • A fight lasts a total of 6 minutes, divided into two 3-minute rounds, with a 30-second break in between. 

  • The categories of fighters are made on the criteria of gender and weight.

  • The men will be subject to the rules of freestyle wrestling, ie direct attacks to the legs are authorized.

  • Women will be subject to the rules of women's wrestling, which prohibits certain blows deemed dangerous due to the physiological specificities of the female body.


We will require the signing of a discharge on site the day of the workshop for people not licensed with the federation.


Appropriate attire (shorts, T-shirt, no jewelry or accessories and short cut nails) will also be required.


Centre Sportif Max Rousié

28, rue André Bréchet,

75017 Paris

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