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Detailed program

Sunday, May 19th

Event Schedule: 9 am - 6 pm

Competition Schedule: 9 am - 2 pm

Category Finals: 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Overall Finals: 3:30 pm - 4 pm

Medal Ceremony: 4:30 pm

Specific time slots for each participant will be communicated by the organizers.

Access to the event venue is open to the public.

Entertainment activities are planned throughout the day.

A refreshment stand will be set up. Contributions will be voluntary.


Single price: 20 €


General Points:

The event is limited to 40 registrations, all categories combined.

Each participant must bring their own climbing gear: climbing shoes, harness, chalk.

Belaying will be provided by the Grimpe&Glisse association.

The competition will be divided into categories based on the participant's age (details will be provided once registrations are completed).


Each participant will be assigned a time slot during the day.


Each participant can attempt up to 6 routes during their slot.


Each successfully completed route, according to the rules of this regulation, earns a predetermined number of points set by the Grimpe&Glisse association.


The medal ceremony is scheduled for 4:30 pm once all points are tallied and the ranking is finalized.


Only registered individuals will be allowed to climb on the day of the competition.

Technical Points:

Number of routes set: 10.

Levels: 5a to 7a.

Accepted climbing types: Lead and top-rope according to the routes.

Validation Conditions:

Only the first 6 routes attempted by the participant will be considered in the point tally.


Belaying must be performed by a member of Grimpe&Glisse. They are also responsible for validating and awarding points to the climber.


The same route can only be validated once for point calculation.


Route validation will only be granted if:

  • The participant did not request to be take "safe" during the ascent.

  • The participant does not fall during the ascent.

  • The participant reaches the top of the route and holds on for 3 seconds with both hands on the final hold.


In the case of a route failure, it will no longer contributes points for the participant.


Route validation for the competition ends at 3 pm, and no departure can be made after this time.

Gymnase Jules Ladoumègue

39 route des Petits Ponts,

75019 Paris

Organized by
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