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Detailed program

Sunday 19th of May

9h30 Doors opening and warm-up

10h00 Presentation of the WODs

10h15 Start of the competition

6/7 WODs and a floater WOD are planned

17h00 End of the competition

Organizer's Note


The first part of the competition is designed to be accessible to a wide range of athletes, regardless of their level of experience in CrossFit. This section is aimed at those with a decent level of fitness who want to test their endurance, strength, and agility. The events in this part are designed to allow everyone to participate and compete against others, while emphasizing inclusion and encouraging diverse skills.


The second part of the competition ramps up the difficulty and is aimed at those with an advanced level in CrossFit. This section is designed to be more demanding and challenging, testing the skills, technique, and perseverance of the participants. The events in this part require specific preparation and a solid CrossFit experience, as they aim to push the athletes to their limits.


Overall, this CrossFit competition provides a platform where all participants, whether they are novices or experienced, can demonstrate their determination and commitment to their fitness and well-being. The progression from the first to the second part allows everyone to find challenges suited to their level and to push themselves in a competitive and motivating environment.


Price of 45 € per registration


We accept only 60 registrations, which amounts to 20 teams of 3 people.


Competition is not gendered. Teams composition is left to your independent assessment.

For athletes registered as women a coefficient will be added  on some WODs.

Terms and Conditions for the competition:

HOUSE OF FIT / TIP is a fitness competition open to all those who respect the present rules. In order to participate in the competition, the terms and conditions of the competition must be accepted. By participating in the competition, you agree to these terms and conditions and rules of the competition, as well as its privacy and cancellation policy.

1. Requirements for participation, age groups 
To be eligible to participate, participant must meet the following requirements:

  • to be of legal age,

  • accept the terms and conditions, the privacy and cancellation policy,

  • form a team of three people.
    No team will be accepted during the competition if one of the team members is missing.

  • find a team name

2. Code of honor of the competition, Judges call

  • Athletes will behave with fairness and honor at all times during the competition. Lack of sportsmanship (cheating), use of drugs, disturbing other athletes, discriminating against them will be sanctioned by suspension, disqualification and/or exclusion from the competition.

  • This applies to any other actions or behavior aimed at harming the organization of the competition itself, other parties (eg spectators) or seeking to prevent the competition from taking place in the best possible conditions.

  • The decisions of all the judges and the organization are final and valid.

3. Scoring system

  • The score for each workout is based on fastest time, most reps or highest load and will be visible on a chart. Any incorrect or invalid reps by standards will be scored as „no rep“.
    If the workout is based on the fastest time, the associated ranking will be established in the fastest to slowest time achieved. the ranking will be established on the number of reps from highest to lowest. If the workout is based on the heaviest load, the ranking will be based on the heaviest to lightest loads.

  • Each athlete is responsible for complying with the standards. Additionally, a judge must be present during the entire workout for all categories. The judge checks the movement standards, count the repetitions and validate the score at the end of the workout. 

  • In the end, the judges nominated by the organizing team will approve the athletes' performances.

  • A classification will be made at the end of all the WODs.


13 All. Léon Gambetta

92110 Clichy

Organized by
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