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Running - Athletics

Detailed program

Sunday, May 28th

Team Olympiads – Athletics & running :

9.30 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.:
Set of events, both sports and fun, conducted in teams of 4 people (3 possibly), for which the principle is to earn the maximum number of points. 

The events are open to everyone. 

The captain of each team distributes its members over the following events (some take place in parallel): 


  • 4000m on track (10 laps) 

  • 400m on track (1 lap) 

  • 4 x 400m track relay (4 laps) 

  • 200m retro on track (1/2 lap) 

  • Challenge Bike by 2 

  • Sheathing Challenge 

  • Fun  Team Races 

  • Long jump

  • Handbag Toss 

  • Themed quizzes and puzzles

  • Team costume challenge

  • Additional Animations and events on site


Water supply on site and coatroom available on site. 

Festive picnic at the end of the races.
Bring your meal, a fun little dessert will be offered for sale on site.

The theme of the event is"The Greek Olympiads"and for more management simplicity, each team will be assigned a God/Goddess as well as a color. Play the theme game thoroughly, this will count for points and will make the moment even more entertaining.

The theme of the event is "The Greek Olympiads" and for more easier organisation, you will be assigned a deity and a team color. 

Do not hesitate to play the theme game thoroughly, it will make you earn points and make the moment even more entertaining.

-Water points on site as well as lockers for clothes. 

- Festive picnic at the end of the Olympiads (the idea is to bring your own food, a small amusing dessert will be offered for sale on site).

Athlé & running - olympiades_edited.jpg

Single rate: 17€/pers


Each participation to the events, whether fun, sporty, by team, make you earn points. The better ranking you have, the more points you earn.

Taking part to all events is not required. However, this is equivalent to earning no extra points.

The ranking and therefore the podiums will be split into 3 categories, namely Men, Women and Mixed.

If you want to take part in the tournament and if you need some teammates, you can choose the option "I don't have a team yet" and we will randomly set up a team for you, designate a captain and ask you to find a lovely name for your new team.

Each event has its own rules which will be communicated by the event manager to the team captains and/or participants.


Stade Alain Mimoun

15 Rue de la Nouvelle-Calédonie, 75012 Paris

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